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ICI Iligan Coachella 2018

Another school year has opened for Iligan Computer Institute, and the new and old students were welcomed back to school, new experiences for instance, meeting new classmates and teachers. To add up to the excitement ICI’s Annual Acquaintance Party and General Assembly was held last August 15, 2018 at Paseo de Santiago, Canaway, Iligan City. The theme of the said event is “Coachella” which highly matches the venue. Gates were opened at 12 noon for the registration and despite of the heat of the sun, students were able to join the party/event, which started at two o’clock in the afternoon. The event started with a prayer then followed by the singing of the National Anthem proceeded by an intermission number by some of the selected students from different departments.

The Induction of the officers of GILAS Council, PING, and MSA (Muslim Students Association). After which, an acoustic performance was given by some talented singers of ICI. The program was hosted by Sir. Junard Juanillo Jumalon, while the GILAS officers supervised and organized the annual event

       The Ms. Q & A was the main highlight of the event. The introduction of the 16 lovely candidates made the crowd more excited as they called out for their favourite candidate. The determination to win and to give people enjoyment was seen in the faces of the candidates. After the introduction the second appearance was wearing the Coachella outfit and once again the crowd went wild. Then there was the Question and Answer Portion, each candidate were asked with different funny questions. The preliminary question and answer portion was followed by the long gown competition. They all looked sophisticated with the way they walked and wore the gowns. They walked with such elegance that the audience just stared and be amazed at how the candidates showed feminism. The announcement of winners came shortly, major awards were announced. Candidate #4, Kaye Jimenez was awarded as the Best in Production Number. Candidate #16, Princess Diana Bado as the Best in White Collection, Candidate #13 as the Best in Coachella Attire and Long Gown. But the tension was not yet over because the announcement for the Top 6 came after. The first candidate being called was candidate #11, followed by candidate #16, then #3, #8 and #10. 1 spot left and nervousness was really evident in the faces of the remaining candidate. However, that last spot belonged to candidate #12. The final blow was the debate round. In this round, each candidate will be given a chance to defend their answer with another candidate. The first question was debated by candidate #8 and #3. The question was “Kung may digmaan, sino ang mananalo, daga o ipis?” Candidate #8 chose to defend the “Ipis” while candidate #3 defended the “daga.” The second question was for candidate #10 and #16. Their question was “Ano ang mas pagtuunan ng pansin, edukasyon o kalusugan?” Candidate #16 defended “kalusugan” while candidate #10 on the other way around. Lastly, the question was “Sino ang tunay na lalaki, ang lalaking umiiyak o ang lalaking nananapak?” This was debated by candidate #11 and #12. Candidate #12’s bet was “umiiyak” and candidate number 11 was “nanapak.”

When this round ended, dinner was served because most of the students were already starving. After the dinner, the 6 candidates were asked to return on the stage for the announcement of the winners.

Below are the final list of winners for Miss Q and A:

  Name Awards
 Candidate #16 Princess Diana Bado Miss Q and A 2018Best in White Collection
Candidate #12 Kylie Neri 1st Runner Up
Candidate #3 Kathy Jabagat 2nd Runner Up
Candidate #4 Kaye Jimenez Best in Production #
Candidate #13   Best in Coachella AttireBest in Long Gown

During the party, there were lucky winners who won the minor and major awards.  This was one of the most stimulating part of the event in order to keep the students all throughout the occasion.

       It was indeed a successful event as evident by the smile and laughter of those who participated in the event especially for the students.

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