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SBO Election

By Lavish de Los Santos

“Leadership is a big ship followed by small ships.” Just recently, the students of Iligan Computer Institute heard and questioned the platforms of the different parties who aimed a position in the Students Body Organization. The three parties who have tried to please the students were SALIG party, KAAKBAY Party and ASTIG Party. The three had different strategies in campaigning their platform. ASTIG Party, headed by Jason Moncal, composed a song to entertain the viewers and introduced themselves. SALIG Party with their running president, Ms. Glenie Fe Bullanday, worn a green cloth on their backs to represent their party, lastly KAAGBAY party running President, Aldrin Cadayuna, just used their voices and presence during the campaign as a sign of simplicity. 

All of them were tested on a debate.  The debate was facilitated by Mr. Junard Jumalon. The candidates were only given one minute to answer the question, 30 seconds for the rebuttal, and 30 seconds for their questions.

“Many are called, but few are chosen.” There will always be a winner and non-winner. During the two day election for the Student Body Organization, everyone waited for the result. Glenie Fe Bulanday was announced as the new head of the SBO and Elyza Sacabin is her other hand. Indeed, the institute would not be better if these two will be the only ruler. The 12 official senators were being chosen to serve the students and will be their shoulders to lean on.

These elected officers will be the big ships who will serve as models to be followed by the small ships, the students of this institute.

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