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“Safety First” – Seminar 1 for ICI-Iligan

1.1 PN student CPR demo

ICI-Iligan TechVoc students attended Seminar 1, today, July 31, 2019 at ICI Annex 2.  ICI Practical Nursing Instructor, Mr. Alvin Eugenio N. Tutor, who is also a Red Cross Volunteer and a License Professional Teacher (LPT) started the seminar.  He asks the students questions regarding on how they will save a person’s life in relation with the lesson he will demonstrate. “Gi-unsa pag gamit ang course para makatabang mo sa tao? Naka ask ba mo sa inyong kaugalingon?”  Mr. Tutor asks the students.  Some of the students say that only 10% at a time that they will save for others while 100% definitely said they will save themselves first.  He introduces first the saving life.  Many students responded well with Sir Alvin.  Next, he introduces the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The students are attentive and active in responding the questions of Sir Alvin Tutor.  After Sir Alvin finished the demonstration, he called a Practical Nursing student to do return-demo for CPR.  Roada B. Dagalangit, demonstrates the cardio pulmonary resuscitation in front without hesitation. 

In his last statement, he asks the students of what they have learned.  It is Oxygen we breathe from the air and it is given to revive a victim to rescue breathing.  After he ends the topic about the relaxation technique, person in state of choking and CPR, another lecturer from the Bureau Fire Protection takes over the seminar.

F01 Fernando R. Basiao, Jr. is the representative of the Bureau Fire Protection (BFP).  He introduces to the students the five legal mandates, the safety and how to prevent the fire, and what are the main reasons of fire: unplugging of appliances in home, unlocking of LPG in the kitchen, and cigarettes that sometimes build into accident.  He also explains the first step in doing the process of prevention and he gives their hotline number.  “Ang among hotline number kay 160 or 161,” he said.  He talks about the tips on how to prevent fire and the recent accident from different location in Iligan City because of the fire.  F01 explains the uses of fire extinguisher and the parts of it.  “Dapat taga purok naay extra tubig og balas,” he said.  He added that there are different types of fire: Type A that build into ashes, Type B for boiling such as paint, Type C for gases, Type D for any forms of metal and lastly, Type E for electrical apparatus. F01 Basiao said, “Fire is friendly yet destructive.  It helps us to cook but it is dangerous when we don’t prevent it.”  Students are carefully listening and raising some questions.  “Prevention is better than cure,” he added. Their service is 24 hours and anytime they can respond to any fire calls.  He also said that they have eight fire sub stations in different location in the City.

The seminar ends at exactly 12 noon equip with knowledge and sumptuous snacks.

by: JDaguman & SPilapil

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