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ICI Iligan Rave Acquaintance Party 2019

1.1 ICI Iligan Team

For the opening of school year 2019-2020, ICI-Iligan students and teachers celebrated the Rave Acquaintance Party, on August 3, 2019, Saturday, at Anahaw Amphitheater, Iligan City. 

There was the usual opening part of the program of Invocation, and the National Anthem singing.  This was hosted by the two ICI instructors:  Ms. Daian Carmel Gerasta and Mr. Mark Saura.  The amazing dancers from the dance club performed for the processional.  After the energetic performance of the dance club, it was followed by the dancing teachers and staff from different ICI Annexes.  Students were really enjoyed when the teachers performed with their introduction number.

Every student from different courses and strands were yelling every time the host mentioned their courses.  The ICI Principal, Sir Nabil Laguindab, started with his welcome address.  After the welcoming address, the variety show followed.  The variety show was called “ICI Got Talent”.  The first contestants were the two human beat boxers:  Razel Avelino and Randal.  The next performers were the two ladies from the Glee Club.  They sang the song entitled “Pangarap ko Ibigin Ka.”  The next performers were still from the Glee Club, the Baby Boys.  And the last performer for the first set of the variety show was the CE2 Movin up.  After each interesting part of the program were the raffle draws. 

There was an induction of officers from different organizations, the Gilas, MSA and PING.  Sir Nabil Laguindab led the induction.  After the induction of officers, it was followed by the fav walk of the ICI ambassadors.  The ICI ambassadors were wearing the don’ts and do’s outfit inside the school campus.

In the second batch of the variety show, there were other contestants for ICI Got talent.  They were the Practical Nursing student who sang “When Were Young”, 3 performers from ICI rockstar, binibida ng group band, and the last performer were “Sentunado’s group.” The batch consisted of different talented performers. 

Many students received different items from another round of the raffle draw. During the food distribution, the host announced the winners for the ICI Got Talent.  There were only three groups who won the variety show.  For the closing remarks, the president of Gilas council, Jethro Sanchez, gave a warmed acknowledgement for all students, staff and teachers who attended and participated the event.

The last part of the program was the rave party.  This was the most exciting part of the whole program. Almost all students danced in the center of the Amphitheater.  Before the dance started, the DJ of Alrose Company was invited.  Another special guest arrived to complete the rave party.  The Bureau of Fire Protection provided with H2O for the Rave Party.

At last, all attendees of the said party have enjoyed the event and went home bringing new experiences and memories.  The acquaintance Rave Party 2019 ended at 8:30 in the evening.

By: Jdag-uman & Spilapil

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