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ICI Iligan MathSci Celebration 2019

1.1 Trashion Show

The ICI Iligan celebrated MathSci with the theme of “Metabolize: Nourishing the Filipino youth towards the National Well-being.”  It was held last September 18, 2019 at City Public Plaza, Iligan City.  The event was celebrated in six days commencing with a Fun run on September 13, 2019.  The starting point of the Fun run was in the Children’s Park and ended in the Anahaw Amphitheater, City Hall. 

The event started with the invocation.  It followed by the overview on how to take care of our nature; the opening remark was given by the representative of Grade 11 students.  It is said that, “through program, students learned how to help our mother earth by taking care of it”. It was followed by the introduction of the judge for the “Jingle.”

“Trashionista” was the center of attraction of the event.  The students were amazed from the dresses they saw.  It was a fashion show with the use of trash materials.  Another part of the event was the exhibit of the “RecyclArt.”  The RecyclArt were made of used materials to transform into a new thing. There were 17 recyclart entries showed in the City Public Plaza, Iligan City.  The “Trashionista and Recyclart” was judged by the teachers of the Iligan Computer Institute.  This event was in collaboration with the Philosophy teachers and the MathSci department.

As the event went smooth, the “Your face Sounds Familiar” completion was included.  The “Your Face Sounds Familiar” was based in the mathematicians or scientist and the provider of the theories.  There were only six participants of this category.

In the event, there was an also intermission number from the students performer. The most awaited part of the event was the announcing of the winners of the participants in different categories.

Jingle Category:
1st     – G11 IT5
2nd    – G11 HUMSS3
3rd    –  G11 IT2
Dama Board Game
1st    –  G12 AT2
2nd   –  G11 ABM2
3rd    –  G11 PN3
Paper Tower
1st    –  G11 EIM
Large Barge
1st    –  G11 HUMSS
Car Racing
1st    –  G11 EIM
Your Face Sounds Familiar
1st   –  G11 IT1
1st    –  G12 HRM2
2nd   –  G12 HRM3
3rd   –  G12 AT2

“I hope that this show bring us the most significant meaning.” Regine Llato said.  Before the program ended, students were encouraged to pick up pieces of trash before the students can sign out.  It was fun filled with joy with the awareness of taking nature at its essence.

by: Jdag-uman and Spilapil

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