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ICI Iligan: Plant tress Save Earth

Sir Ladi with the first batch

ICI-Iligan commenced the tree planting and clean up on February 8, 2020 at Puga-an, Iligan City. The first batch of 250 students has joined the said event as it is compulsory for all the Grade 12 graduating students. Mr. Ladi Tabanao, ICI President, gave the welcome address and orientation about saving mother earth. He encouraged everyone how our earth is important.  In our young age, we have a chance to save mother earth by planting a tree corporately. Students were eager to cooperate.

Ms. Aque, ICI Science Teacher, announced the rules and what to do with the seedlings on our hands. She also explained the benefits how planted trees can offer to us and to our planet in generation to come. Today we are experiencing climate change because of human activities; the diminishing of trees through illegal cutting somehow caused this change.

Soon we began to make our way toward our destination after the picture taking was completed. The teachers and the students happily planted trees on the pre-determined site.  Along with the planted seedlings tagged are the ICI logo and our respective names. 

As caretakers of this world, somehow that day there were more or less 250 hopeful trees with bouncing shades to maintain the beautiful habitat.  And as a participant, we left with a sense of gratitude respecting the gift of nature with infant trees in Pugaan area, Iligan City.

by: JDag-uman & SPilapil

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